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Our Response To COVID-19

We Can Do This Conifer

Healthy Businesses, Thriving Community. The Conifer Chamber remains committed to that vision for Conifer during what has been an unprecedented and difficult time for all businesses across the country. Our priority is the health of our community, businesses and thousands of employees. We have formulated the following responses and strategies to make sure that ALL businesses in Conifer have the opportunity to thrive.

Convening A Cross-Section of Community Leaders and Businesses

  • With a cross-section of local partners we supported a daily Mountain Area Economic Taskforce call focused on  understanding the changes and needs impacting businesses and the ability for our local economy to thrive.
  • We are making sure that every business in Conifer receives a touch point.
  • Business leaders continue to be surveyed through a frequent survey and contacted to understand what their questions are and how we can help.
  • Connecting needs in the community has been an important role for the Chamber. Helping non-profits access food, supporting local blood drives and promoting volunteerism are just a few of the ways we have been able to close the gap on community needs.
  • As we analyze the funding options, all our community banks were contacted to determine how they are able to help businesses.
  • Virtual industry and Chamber group meetings to allow people to discuss how they are coping. We hope this fosters innovation and a little therapy.

Providing Education and Resources

  • The COVID-19 Resource Guide launched March 13, 2020 and is updated with information to support our business community.
  • The Chamber is publishing and sharing articles through our Web site and social media that are intended to help our businesses think in innovative ways about how they can weather this storm.

Promoting Creative Commerce and a Thriving Community

  • The Takeout Takeover campaign was launched on March 16, 2020 in an effort to promote continued support of the restaurant industry. This has been widely shared across our community thanks to the support of our partners.​

Supporting Critical Workforce Needs

  • The task force is working to connect those who are seeking employment with the employers who still have job openings. To see the job postings, CLICK HERE. 
  • Tools and resources will be published in the COVID-19 Resource Guide that includes unemployment, work share and paid family leave details.

Understanding and Advocating for Critical Policy Decisions

  • The Conifer Chamber is continuing to track policy decisions and changes that have positive and negative impacts on our members.
  • Regular policy resources are being added to the COVID-19 Business Guide.

As Conifer moves from understanding and evolving into recovery the Conifer Chamber will be prepared to step up to support shop local branding, workforce placements, ongoing training and continue to keep a pulse on business needs. The strength and collaboration of partners across the mountain community has been incredible. We should all be proud of this amazing community that we get to live, work and play in!

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