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Member Tutorials

Thanks for stopping by! This page is designed to help our members navigate the website, and take advantage of posting on the Chamber's website. If there are other areas that you would like to see tutorials on, please contact our office. 

Bulk Mail Directions:

Bulk MailAs a Conifer Chamber member you are eligible to use the Chamber’s bulk mail permit and save money on postage. To qualify your mailing must have at least 200 pieces. If you are printing your piece, the Chamber can send you an image with the bulk mail permit number to be printed on your piece. If you prefer, you can use the ink stamp and manually add it to the mail pieces. Contact the our office to make arrangements.

When you are ready for your mailing follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Chamber office with the total number of items to be mailed and the date they are planned to be mailed.
  2. Most mailings are 0.2oz; if you believe your mailing to be a different weight, it must be weighed at the post office and that information given to the chamber.
  3. The Chamber will then send you a PDF document of your mailing and you can go ahead and bring everything in to the post office to be mailed!
  4. Sort your mailing in groups by zip code before bringing to the post office.

*** Please Note: You must have at least 200 pieces for your mailings to qualify.***

Let us know if you encounter any issues with your bulk mailing. 

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