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    Lower The Electricity Bill This Winter!

    In addition to contactless delivery options, we also ship anywhere in Colorado. We will also be keeping updates on any events we were going to participate in and when they have been postponed to as well as new flavors or specials at facebook.com/daddyshomemadesyrup. Be sure to like and follow along!

    Daddy's Homemade - Naturally, he knows best!

    We are now taking pre-orders for https://evergreenredbarnchristmas.com/ Contact us today daddyshomemadesyrup@gmail.com to have your order ready for pickup any one of the days of the event and save 10% so we can be sure we have what you would like in stock! Choose the perfect Christmas Tree, shop local Colorado Vendors during the gift shoppe, kids can enjoy making a Christmas craft; stop by the Wonderland Snack Shoppe and so much more!

    Pre-order today for An Olde-Fashioned Christmas at the Evergreen Red Barn and save 10%!

    Try our all-natural, healthy syrups made from limited ingredients. We have flavors you can't find anywhere else. And, from pancakes, to coffee, even ice cream, you can top off just about anything with them. Now, in addition to calling or emailing orders; you can use our new website! If you are not in the Evergreen area, use promo code Holidayshipfree and it will take the shipping off. http://www.daddyshomemadesyrup.com

    Daddy's Homemade offering free shipping with purchases $50 or more

    Daddy's Homemade Syrup can now be found at the Center for Arts Evergreen. Bring your food donations to help the Mountain Backpack Program; purchase some syrup and pancake mix and help support Center for Arts and a small business all in one trip!

    Daddy's Homemade is at Center for the Arts Evergreen and helping Mountain Backpack Program!

    See what it is like to be a Member of Mount Vernon Canyon Club

    Is your older dog or cat slowing down, not jumping up as much, hesitant to use the stairs now and/or having other mobility issues? Get the holiday special of $20 off your pets' first comprehensive pain assessment and treatment* in the comfort of your pet's own environment. This includes complete history, comprehensive physical exam, neuromuscular exam, myofascial exam, and treatment.*

    Is your older dog or cat slowing down?

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