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  • The Conifer Chamber understands that the Coronavirus may have an impact for our residents, businesses and the community.  Below are resources on how your family can plan for and respond to the virus, along with information on the disease.  We will update this page as information is made available.  Below is information for the community.  If you are looking for business resources, please click HERE.

  • Click on the resource information tabs below for the category you are interested in: Click on the resource information tabs below for the category you are interested in:

  • Back to School Resources Back to School Resources

    Click HERE for resources for parents and their students going back to school

    COVID-19 Testing Information COVID-19 Testing Information

    Eviction and Foreclosure Information Eviction and Foreclosure Information

    Colorado Department of Local Affairs has information available if you are behind in rent or mortgage payments.  Click HERE.

    Food, Child Care, Utilities and Tax Relief Resources Food, Child Care, Utilities and Tax Relief Resources


    The below resources may be available to assist you if you are impacted due to Coronavirus.  Please contact each organization for specifics as their programs may change to due to the current situation.


    Jefferson County Residents:
    Click HERE for programs available for assistance with rent/mortgage payments, vehicle loan payments/insurance, cash assistance.

    Food Assistance:
    Please click on below links to be directed to their website or call the organization to confirm hours and specifics of food distribution.

    Mountain Resource Center  (303) 816-9375
    Evergreen Christian Outreach  (303) 670-1796
    Seniors' Resource Center  (303) 674-2843
    LifeBridge, Inc. (303) 909-7534
    Widow's Oil Pantry, Harris Park in Bailey (303) 838-1869

    Jeffco Public Schools has Grab & Go Meals available and willl be serving anyone in need--  Call (303) 982-6748 for more information or click HERE for details.

    The Mountain Backpack Program is preparing "school closure" boxes for families and individuals who need easy to fix meals and snacks.  The boxes will be available starting March 24.  Locations close to Conifer include the following:  Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) food pantry - ask for a 'closure box'.  Click on the EChO link in the above list for contact information.  Evergreen Lutheran Church will also have available; contact Shelley Harmon at 303/653-2732 to arrange pick up.


    Help Navigating Application and Assistance Processes
    Mountain Resource Center and Evergreen Christian Outreach may be able to assist with heat and other financial obligations.  Please see their contact information above under the Food Assistance resources.

    Benefits in Action helps with navigation and the application process for SNAP and helps with finding open food banks.  They can assist as you apply for Medicare and may be able to find resources for helping to pay for heat.


    Utilities and Housing Loan Assistance for Rural Communities


    Tax Relief - information from the IRS


    Child Care - Please check our directory and reach out to providers if you are in need of child care services.


    Stimulus Package Info:
    • CLICK HERE to learn about the Senate CARES bill small business provisions.



    Heath Care and Insurance Heath Care and Insurance


    HEALTH INSURANCE - Contact Connect for Health Colorado at 855-752-6749 to find in-person assistance through their statewide network of certified experts at Connect for Health Colorado. Please click HERE for more information.

    Medicare and Medicaid have temporarily expanded coverage of telemedicine services to respond to COVID-19

    • CLICK HERE to learn about the Senate CARES bill health provision

    Telemedicine - If you do not have health insurance or your provider does not offer a telephone provider option, you make want to check out Elite Benefits Telemedicine:
    Register for Elite Telemedicine for only $10/mo. and speak with a board certified doctor within minutes.  Visit  http://www.yourelitebenefits.com/ and choose 1,3 or all six benefits. Click the "join" button on the Bronze, Silver or Gold tab and use CONIFER as the access code. and enjoy the convenience and $$$ savings of Elite Benefits!  Contact Conifer Chamber Member Mark Brake with Elite Benefits for more information.


    Unemployment benefits/Employment Opportunities Unemployment benefits/Employment Opportunities

    Unemployment benefits may be available to workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own.  Please click HERE to be directed to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment unemployment site.

    Work Share Program  may allow certain employees who have had reduced hours to claim partial unemployment benefits.

    • CLICK HERE to learn about the Senate CARES bill unemployment provisions.

    Chamber members have the ability to post their job openings on our website.  Please click HERE to see what is currently posted.  For other resources, please see below:


    Evergreen Chamber of Commerce 


    Government Jobs 

    Connecting Colorado

    US Census

    Natural Grocers


    Centura Health

    Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Job Search



    Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health Resources Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health Resources

    In case of a mental health crisis or emergency please call 9-1-1.

    COVID-19 has required us all to operate our lives differently.  We are working and living at home and learning to navigate life in a totally different way.  Social distancing impacts our mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  Know that you are not alone and that there are resources available to help you through a temporary disruption in our way of life.


    Therapy & Clinical Services (General Resources)
    Many Mental Health Resources are making use of the Internet, email, and the telephone to better serve you and your loved ones. Please don't hesitate to reach out to any of the resources to see if they have an online services or groups to fit your needs.  Click HERE to be directed to our Residents Guide, which has information on crisis hotlines and mental health resources.


    Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Therapy
    So, say you've decided to take the plunge and get some professional help. Should you seek out a therapist, or would a life coach benefit you more? Check out this article by the Huff Post to help you decide.   Life coaches and therapists can help you set goals, manage stress, and make a plan for your future.  Click HERE for our business directory for counseling and coaching.


    Wellness Products - Several of the chamber members offer natural personal care, nutritional supplements and wellness products.  And they each have an online store so you can order from your home. 
    Natural Advantage Wellness
    Evergreen Shaklee
    Taspen's Organics and Wellness Center


    Physical Fitness
    Local gyms have been required to temporarily close.  There are still ways to accomplish your fitness goals.  Go for a walk, run or bike ride -- we have such a beautiful community for outdoors enjoyment.  Below are some area businesses that have made fitness modifications.  You may be able to use the Internet, mail or telephone to continue to stay in shape. Check out our fitness members by clicking HERE.


    Churches & Synagogues
    Many of the area religious organizations are making use of the Internet, email and telephone to offer their message of hope and resilience.  You may find the perfect option for you in this time of need.  Click HERE to see a list of place of worship members and reach out and see how they have adapted their services.

    Volunteer Opportunities Volunteer Opportunities

    Help Colorado Now is looking for volunteers to help at-risk individuals across our state get through the COVID-19 crisis.  Click HERE for volunteer opportunities.

    If your organization has a volunteer need, please email the information to coniferchambermkt@gmail.com.

  • How you can help How you can help

    Keep our local economy strong!
    Support our local businesses - Shop Only Local!  Many have had to close their doors temporarily or change their business model.  You may still be able to get products through online or phone order service.  Check out your favorite businesses Facebook page and website or give them to call to see what accommodations they have made.  Visit  the Chamber Business Directory and get in touch with some of the businesses and keep our community strong!


    Restaurant takeout is available from many of our area establishments.  Click HERE to be directed to the "Take Out Takeover" guide.

    Shop Only Local and Pay it Forward - Help those in need or thank those working on the 'frontlines' by donating a meal or gift card.  Click HERE for information.

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