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Shop Local ONLY and Pay It Forward

We are launching a new campaign called PAY IT FORWARD. The campaign will encourage our community to help those in need and say THANK YOU to those working the frontlines, all while supporting our local businesses.

Our community has a heart to help those in need and to show our appreciation!  Support local businesses and support our community at the same time!

What you can do:

  • Buy a gift card from a local retail store and pass it on as a thank you for someone on the frontlines or donate it to a local nonprofit

    • Purchase a gift card from a local store that sells pet supplies and donate it a local animal shelter
    • Purchase a gift card from a local hairstylist, massage therapist, skin care provider, gym/personal trainer, cleaning service or other service provider and pass it on to someone currently working the 'frontlines' so they can use it when these providers are able to reopen.  Scroll down to a list of these members and go to their website.  Many have set up options to purchase the gift cards online while they are temporarily closed.
    • Purchase a gift card from a retail store that is considered 'essential' and open now so the frontline worker or nonprofit can use the gift card now.  If you are unable to get the gift card to the front line worker or nonprofit, ask the business if they can forward it on for you.
  • Buy a meal at a restaurant for yourself and "DONATE ONE" to a local nonprofit

    • Next time you are getting takeout from your favorite local restaurant, purchase a gift card and mail or deliver it to a frontline worker or nonprofit.  Then this person or organization can purchase a meal at a later date, when it is convenient for them.
    • Another option:  Some local restaurants are collecting donations for 'extra meals' and are then delivering the meals to nonprofits and/or frontline workers.  Let the restaurant know you want to 'donate' a meal to one of our local nonprofit organizations.  The restaurant will use all money donated for a week and contact a local nonprofit to set up a time to deliver a prepared meal to the workers.
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BUSINESS OWNERS/RETAILERS/SERVICE PROVIDERS: If someone wants to make this purchase and is unable to deliver or mail the gift card themselves, here is what you can do: Choose a local nonprofit (see list below), frontline worker or medical provider and pass the gift card on to them.

RESTAURANTS: Collect the donations for one week, then call a local nonprofit or medical provider and offer to use that money to bring meals equal to the donated amount.

How can you, as a business, be involved?

  • Can someone purchase a gift card from you online? If so, make sure that link in on your member page at CLICK HERE for an example from Mountain Glow Skin Care.
  • Promote "Pay it Forward" on your web-page, push it out to social media and talk with your customers about the campaign. Contact us at if you would like us to send you the logos.

Shop Local ONLY

Purchase Gift Cards

Many of our local businesses are able to sell gift cards. Click on their member page to see if there is a link to purchase a gift card or call the business to purchase over the phone.

Do you know someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Purchase a gift card!

Do you know a nurse, doctor, health care worker, grocery store or postal employee, a teacher or someone else working hard to help as we fight against COVID19? Say “THANK YOU” by purchasing a gift card to one of our local businesses.

Thank them by gifting them a massage, a facial, or beauty products.

For a full listing of our membership and local businesses.

Support Local by shopping Local!
There are so many unknowns today - Fortunately, we know this is the BEST community! Show your support by shopping local as much as you possibly can! Help us get through COVID-19 by ordering and shopping locals.

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