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  • Fire Safety/ Code Red Alert System/ Reverse 911

  • Contacts for Important Fire Safety Information

    (Conifer, Evergreen, Indian Hills and Morrison are in unincorporated Jefferson County) 

    Jefferson County Sheriff Department

    200 Jefferson County Pkwy, Golden, CO

    Elk Creek Fire Protection District 

    11993 Blackfoot Rd Conifer, CO 80433

    Inter-Canyon Fire/Rescue

    7939 S Turkey Creek Rd, Morrison, CO 80465

    Indian Hills Fire/Rescue

    4476 Parmalee Gulch Rd, Indian Hills, CO

    Evergreen Fire/Rescue

    1802 Bergen Pkwy, Evergreen, CO 80439


  • CodeRED Alert System

    CodeRED ALERTS let you know when there is danger in the area so you can prepare as needed or evacuate.

    In Jefferson County, the CodeRED emergency notification system allows emergency personnel to call citizens to warn them of danger. With CodeRED, they can simultaneously call, text, or email, multiple phones within an area that they designate, to warn residents of flood, fire, tornadoes, chemical spills, or dangerous suspects. Within moments, calls reach the affected community to deliver warnings and critical safety instructions.


    Without Smart911, dispatchers are only aware of a phone number, and minimal location data.

    Smart911 is a free service with which users create a safety profile by entering vital data they want made available about themselves, their family, their residence and even their pets.

    Data given can include photos, and information regarding medical conditions, allergies, disabilities and/or special needs, home addresses of cell phone callers and floor plans to name a few.

    Smart911 delivers this information automatically to dispatchers, who then enable responders to be more successful with access to critical health and logistical information before arriving at the scene of an emergency.

    Where are you?  What medications do you take?  What if you could provide us with life saving information before an emergency? Now you can.  It's free, private and secure. Help share the message of Smart911 

    Create your safety profile by visiting the Smart911 website.

  • Be Prepared for Wildfire!

    Always call 911 immediately if you suspect a fire is in your area.

    • Have at least two escape routes and communicate it to everyone in your family.
    • Sign up for Code Red Alerts (be sure to include all family members’ cell phones)
    • Know your neighbors and how to communicate with them.
    • Prepare an evacuation plan. What will you take with you if you have two hours to evacuate? One hour? 10 minutes? Have a plan for your pets, too.
    • Mitigate your property
    • Follow your local fire department and chamber of commerce on Facebook and Twitter

    Become fire wise and reduce your risk. visit www.nfpa.org


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