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  • Education Workshops

  • Workshops are designed to add skills and strategies to help our members adapt to the ever-changing business environment we are experiencing today.

    Are you interested in speaking at a membership meeting or workshop? 

    The Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce (CACC) is soliciting applications from people who are interested in presenting engaging, interactive workshops for the Chamber membership. To be considered, please complete the form below. Facilitators are selected based on session topic, expected outcomes and facilitation experience.

    Samples of topics we are looking for include: 

    • FINANCIAL: Sharpen your skills and best practices by increasing your understanding of money management, consumerism and financial planning.

    • MARKETING: Do you have burning questions about marketing strategies and marketing content? Do you know what value propositions you are offering your customers? No? Come learn how to increase your visibility and credibility.

    • OPTIMIZING OPERATIONS: What is your expertise when running your business? What systems and processes do you have inlace to optimize your time? We know you work “in” your business. The question is how much time you devote to working “on” your business. learn from the experts on how to strengthen the foundation of your business.

    • PERSONAL + PROFESSIONAL MASTERY: Every action we take or don’t take can have a compound effect. It’s not about being “perfect”; it’s about perfecting the practice. Work from your strengths and benefit your life and your business. You are the most valuable commodity in your business. Learn how to take care of you, build on your strengths and reap the benefits.


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