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    U.S. News & World Report has been working on resources that are designed to help small business owners learn more about business loans and other financial options that are available.

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    The Colorado Department of Revenue's new web page “Your Colorado L.I.F.E.-Links and Information for Everyone” aims to help educate Colorado citizens on the following topics (click image for link to specific page):

    May I Take Your Order - Why, Where and How State taxes are Collected and Used

    The links on this page address how taxes are collected and used.  This includes information on what is a taxable good, what to look for when you buy something online, buying and selling a vehicle, and other different types of taxes that the State of Colorado collects.

    I Have to Do What? – Income Tax collection and Filing State Tax Returns

    The links on this page address state income fax and how being out of state for college or joining the military can impact the ins and outs of filing those taxes.

    The Alphabet Starting with C - Information on how your Taxes are impacted by College, Career and Car Choices

    The links on this page address how certain career choices are regulated and how the services provided may or may not have taxes associated with them.

    Side Hustles & Entrepreneurs – Information & Links on Starting a Business

    The links on this page address a variety of topics like registering business names, applying for sales tax licenses, knowing how and when to file sales tax and understanding various business deductions.

    An Epic Story!  - Where taxes come from and the services they support.

    The links on this page shares information on how a tax becomes a law, the services and benefits that state taxes provide; various types of state taxes and when and how they are collected as well as other information about what happens with the Colorado legislature.

    Info Pursuit – Links to Government websites and useful State Information


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