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  • School Restart Resources School Restart Resources

    The Conifer Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with our community educators to create solutions for families as we walk through the fall school schedule.

    We will be adding resources once the needs assessment is complete.  We will be partnering with local educators, businesses and community members to provide necessary resources for families with school aged children.

  • Some students may need a place with high-speed internet so that they may participate in on-line learning prior to in-person classes taking place.  If your business or organization has internet and space available for students please let us know as we are compiling a list.  Please send an email to coniferchambermkt@gmail.com.



  • Interested in volunteering to help students in the virtual/on-line environment during the Fall 2020 semester, please fill out the following form to start the process. There are two types of volunteer positions open to help students virtually. Please take a moment to read through the descriptions so you understand the tasks and time commitments required.

    CLICK HERE for volunteer form. 

  • Interested in offering in home child care? 
    Become a licensed in home day care provider. Get access to grants for start up, training and coaching support. Due to the current situation and the local need, the licensing process can be expedited.
    CLICK HERE for additional information. 

  • Options for Internet Service Options for Internet Service

    Do you and your child need to access the internet for completing schoolwork, but have no internet or unreliable service?

    There are several businesses that have indicated they have internet available and are willing to let you and your child visit to get schoolwork completed.  Note  that these are not childcare facilities and parents are responsible for their children.  Please contact each business directly to get specifics on hours, availability of services and guidelines.  Some may charge a nominal fee and most have limited space available.  You may need to make a reservation at some locations.

    While you are using the internet services and space at these locations, please make sure to support the businesses that are supporting you during this time.  Purchase something, make a donation, and give them a great review on social media.

    Conifer Community Church
    9998 S. Havekost Road
    (303) 838-4161

    Elevations Coworking
    25577 Conifer Road #203
    (303) 895-7664

    The Venue Theatre
    27132 Main Street, #K100
    Amy Dolan Fletcher  (516) 459-7884


    Please check back often as more local businesses and organizations are being added frequently


  • Resources to Assist with Online Learning Resources to Assist with Online Learning

    The following individuals and/or organizations have indicated they may be able to assist you with online learning or tutoring.  Please reach out directly to the listings below:


    Marguerite (Margie) Delva
    (720) 800-6373  margiedelva@yahoo.com
    Home schooling for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Taught in a home school atmosphere by a former Jefferson County teacher.  Located close to Elk Creek Elementary School.  References and resume available.


    Academic Success Program
    To help students succeed academically, College Drive Test Prep and Tutoring is offering an Academic Success Program designed to cover learning gaps from last year and help students stay on track this year.  These consist of four, 90-minute classes in the following subjects:  Algebra I and Algebra II, Geometry and Advanced Math, English Grammar and Usage, Reading Comprehension and Writing.  These classes are offered via zoom.  Please click HERE for more information and to register.

  • Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular Activities

    If your child is in need of an activity to keep them involved in something other than school work, several businesses and organizations have programs that may be of interest:


    Grace Piano Studio
    (303) 349-1013
    Grace Piano Studio is a place to learn about music and how to play the piano, but also a place to explore creativity, find joy in discovering one's own talent, and develop a lifelong love of music.

    The Venue Theatre Company
    The Venue Theatre is offering Covid conscious, in-person theatre education taught by professional educators and performers!  


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