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    Wireless Planet is a technology consulting group focusing on small to medium business, enterprise and public sector.

    OOMA – Great landline replacement phone service that gives you great voice quality and tons of additional features . For $19.95 a month per line you get phone, fax, conference bridge, virtual attendant, ring groups, mobile app and more. You can even keep your current phone numbers.

    Cellular services from Verizon, ATT and T-Mobile and Sprint.

    Wireless internet and failover. For as low as $10 a month you can have a wireless cellular internet backup for your business during those times the internet goes out.

    Satellite communications from Globalstar. If you like going out in the mountains and exploring, you should look at having a backup to your cell phone.

    GPS and asset tracking. Know where your fleet is and how they are driving your vehicles. Keep tabs on equipment, trailers etc. so they aren’t stolen but even if they are, recover them immediately.

    Credit card processing from Worldpay. No middle man, just low rates and great Chamber specials. This is a prime place to look at to try to save money simply for processing payments.


    • Cellular
    • Satellite
    • GPS and asset tracking
    • V.O.I.P.
    • merchant services


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