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    About Us

    As living beings, we have an innate ability to heal. Not just the wounds that we can see with our eyes like breaks and bruises, but also trauma/PTSD, grief, depression, anger, sorrow, distrust, anxiety, and the inability to connect to family or friends in a meaningful way. Just as we have needed a doctor’s help to stitch or re-set a bone so that our own natural healing process can occur, we need the help of therapists to re-set the patterns of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

    THE WINDS OF CHANGE, PLLC provides psychotherapy and EMDR for individuals, couples, and families. We specialize in a strengths-based, integrative approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit, blending traditionally successful interventions (such as EMDR, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Family Systems/Internal Family Systems) with creative, somatic, and experiential nature-based therapies. Each client's healing journey is unique within the context of their social, educational, and familial systems and spiritual beliefs and all will be honored.

    There are so many paths to healing and even making a choice for one over another can feel overwhelming. Our suggestion? Ask for help. Asking for help is the only first step in choosing a path that is meant for you, so that you may transform your relationship with your self and, from that self actualization, begin to cultivate the relationships with others that you long for.

    Our main office is in Evergreen with animal assisted therapy in Conifer and a satellite office in Littleton.

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