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    MindSpark Learning Community is a new school located in Conifer. We offer a unique educational experience for children ages 4-14. Our flexible programs and small, multi-age classes provide a personalized education where children use their interests to inspire learning.

    Our 3-day Academic Program for ages 7-14 provides high-quality classes in literacy, math, science and social studies. This shortened week gives children plenty of free time to explore their interests, develop passions and spend time with their family.

    Our Thursday/Friday Enrichment Program offers extra classes and workshops in things like art, theater, creative writing, Spanish Immersion and more! This program is offered to children ages 7-14.

    Our 1-4 day Explorer's Program gives children ages 4-7 a gentle introduction to academics in a play-based, multi-age environment. Students learn reading, writing and math as they are ready, through games, literature and play. They learn science and social studies concepts through investigation, exploration and projects. On Thursday mornings, we offer focused classes on Learning to Read, Math Games and Art.

    MindSpark Learning Community is committed to helping each child get the academic or enrichment support they need. There are many options for enrollment, from taking specific courses to enrolling for one session (9 weeks), one semester or a full year.

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