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    Offer Valid: 03/20/2020 - 05/31/2020
    Let us be your Eyes and Ears!!
    The Sheriff’s department is expected to be overwhelmed, so you’re going to need someone to check on your shop while you’re forced to stay at home. We’re classified as an “essential” business and are patrolling Evergreen & Conifer to ensure that businesses are locked up to prevent criminals from easily taking advantage of the situation.
    You might expect your insurance company to cover criminal loss or damage, but most insurance companies look for ways to avoid paying. If you’re found to be just 15% negligent, then your policy won’t cover you. If you don’t have a working alarm system, security cameras, or daily security checks, then they’ll use that to avoid paying.
    You must be smart and properly protect your business investment. Our patrol vehicles are clearly marked, and we can verify that your business is locked up tight, each day.
    We can quickly determine what it will take to ensure you’re not found to be negligent and protect your business until the crisis has passed. During this time we are able to reduce our costs by up to 25%.
    Please Call for your Protection
    303 674-2288

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