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  • In an effort to continue to support our community during this challenging time, Conifer Physical Therapy has followed the government recommendation that we continue to open our doors to patients who are willing/able to come into the clinic for care. We are prioritizing post-surgical patients, acute pain patients, and anyone else where hands-on care is essential.

    In addition to being open for patients to physically come into the clinic, our new norm is to also provide an option for patients to continue their PT via telehealth visits. Telehealth visits allow our patients to continue their physical therapy, while continuing to practice social distancing. Participating in a telehealth physical therapy session is very similar to a video conference and is a new method ConiferPT is utilizing in an effort to provide our patients with consistent care.

    Knowing that the majority of our community is sheltering in place at this time, we are also spending additional resources to make free informational workshops available for our community. Information on these workshops will be available on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/coniferpt) and will cover topics such as Tai Chi, neck pain management, how to deal with issues like “tech neck”, and managing low back pain.


  • Luna's is trying to stay connected during these interesting times by making daily posts on Facebook and Instagram (Luna Mandala & Lunas Mandala), as well as updating website weekly with pictures of the posts and the options to have them sent AND/OR arrange a non-contact pick up at the storefront.  We are starting a Window Shop Wednesday on April 15th that allows anyone out and about picking up lunch/dinner or stopping by the grocery store to swing by the shop and see a new display of goodies each week (displays are switched out on Tuesdays).  If you see something you LOVE and would like you just text me a picture and we will arrange for shipping or non-contact pickup (720-937-4217).  Luna's wants to thank you for helping to keep our community thriving!


  • Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group is proud to have shifted its business to WIN THE WAR on COVID-19. Scott Milne the Owner operator of Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group is an Certified Air Quality Control re-mediator and a specialist in Bacteria and Virus reduction. Scott has been studying the super-bug virus in anticipation of the contagion that will shake us all. Scott is now writing an E-book and planning a community webinar, WIN THE WAR on COVID-19. This program is designed to help consumers and business navigate a post Corona world. It will explore "Best Practice " virus defense strategies, practices and equipment for maximum protection of your person, home, employees and customers. You will learn how harmful virus work, why there will be another, what makes public space safe, how to protect and reassure your customers, why to promote what you have done, and how to succeed after COVID-19.
    Rocky Mountain Efficiency is also now able to offer certified (PPE) Personal Protection Equipment, and Hand Sanitizer in every shape and size from our established Asian Manufacturers. We are attempting to educate and assist US medical supply purchasers on how to do business with a new market source that they have little experience with. We have also established the 501-C Denver Lodging Engineers Association as a free educational and networking association for High Risk Facility Operators. This group includes Senior Living, Prison, Hotel, Dormitory, Condo and APT professionals.
    We also posses the equipment to sanitize indoor space, hotel rooms, restaurants, medical facilities or even real estate transactions to help reduce harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces.
    Our annual public event, The Evergreen Energy Expo is going virtual for the 2020 season, we have applied for Jeffco Hope Fund Grant to finance a Denver Metro Regional Webinar Series called WIN THE WAR on COVID-19. For residents and business to react in a positive way to this outbreak to maximize their good health and business success. Please feel free to contact us 800.984.0332 or go to www.RMEfficiency.com to learn more.



    While deemed non-essential (my clients have voiced their disagreement!) and my office closed down I have been hard at work behind the scenes developing new skin care protocols, soap and body product recipes, taking advantage of online advanced trainings and researching new and wonderful products and treatments.  Look for a new menu of services in May!



    One area I have always been fanatical about is cleaning and sanitizing my work space. Now even more so.  I use hospital grade cleaning and disinfecting products throughout my office after each client.  Clean linens and towels, always.  One new standard I am implementing, at least for a few months, is having minimum 45 minutes between each client.  This way only one person is present at any time and I have plenty of time to sanitize everything ready for next client.



    For an extended period of time in lieu of in-person credit card payments I will invoice you via email using my business Square account.



    My online store is back up and running.  Skin Script Skin Care products are available for direct shipping as always. Circadia products are also available for direct shipping.  Any orders for Circadia come with a fabulous complimentary Staycation Facial Kit, enough for two full facials.  Email for more info  billy@myinnerglowskincare.com

    My store will be getting bigger and more interesting as time goes on!



    You are able to purchase an E-Gift Card through the website.  Super easy and convenient.  You may also contact me and I am happy to supply a Gift Certificate for pickup or mail to you or recipient.


    In an effort to support other local small business I am collecting Gift Certificates from as many as I am

    able and will be gifting them to clients through drawings on Facebook or in-house, once our doors are open again.


    I want to thank everyone who has supported me, all our local business, and our community.  I appreciate you all and hope to hug you soon !


    Take care, stay beautiful.




  • AlphaPixel Reach has made some changes during COVID-19 to better assist our clients. While we can no longer meet in person for coffee, we are taking advantage of Zoom to "meet" face to face and make sure we truly understand the goals and needs of each client. We are focusing on helping businesses get the word out through electronic marketing channels about what services or goods they still have available and how they are doing business during these unusual times. We are working to ensure that everything we do now can be used as a launchpad to improve the business in the future for these clients also. 
    We are also offering free classes to help business owners manage and take advantage of the time they have now to rocket themselves into a successful future. Register today! https://us04web.zoom.us/meeting/register/upcldOyopzojhNgQJkv1XtyahT1AmCMcVQ


  • The Fairy Dust Mother, LLC is considered an essential service by the State of Colorado and I am so grateful and hope that you agree! With your support and patronage, myself and my cleaners are continuing to work to slow down the spread of COVID-19.


    Implemented for the Protection of All: State Guidelines
    Cleaners can only come into your home if no one is present; your home must be vacant for the duration of the cleaning. 


    Please provide a few days and times that you can be away from the house and I will get to work scheduling. Typically, our customers are taking that time to shop for groceries or spend time outside. It's a great opportunity for a leisurely walk or a bike ride. 


    Enhanced Safety Precautions 
    If anyone in your home is sick or symptomatic, I’ll reschedule. 
    If anyone in your home has been exposed to someone who has tested positive or who is symptomatic, I’ll reschedule.


    Changes to our Cleaning Services
    Upon entering your home with gloves, cleaners are spraying all frequently touched surfaces with hospital grade germicide to "kill" germs BEFORE cleaning. I am following CDC website recommendations and monitoring the state of the virus and its spread. I am prepared to make fast changes as needed for the protection of all.


    Online Payments
    To avoid handling payments and making deposits at the bank, I will generate an invoice for the scheduled visit and email it to you for online payment. There is a delay in the payment actually being deposited into my account; I appreciate your prompt payment.


    We are all deeply grateful to work in our mountain communities and appreciate the opportunity to work in your home.


    Hugs from a distance,
    Jane Parker 
    The Fairy Dust Mother, LLC


  • Here at Inglenook, we immediately took a “Community First” approach.  We are still adjusting but we feel a true passion to keep our community moving forward and adjusting as needed.

    We are managing three fronts.  The FIRST, and most important, is dealing with the CoVid-19 and keeping our community safe through conducting above and beyond recommended protocols issued by the Center of Disease Control (CDC).  Second, my employees.  We are working through maintaining health insurance, critical hours and employee needs.  And finally, the third.  We are positioning ourselves for a quick recover by maintaining critical positions, working closely with our supply chains and monitoring frequent updates on the Small Business Administration’s business relief efforts.  There are lots of us out there willing to assist businesses that may need some clarification on any application processes, and we are willing to do our best to help.

    We have had NO layoffs and will be here for the recovery.  Staff has reduced due to employees choosing to self-isolate.  Our intent is to make it through these temporary times and still be standing, so our entire community can start to re-hire and get back to work soon.

    For the business itself.  Our store is currently on minimal half while I was adjusting to the daily updates.  We are optimistic of a quick recovery.  Our maintenance team is still keeping stove, inserts and fireplaces running while our community is home.  We are providing cost-efficient heating needs to help reduce electrical costs.  We are also keeping the supply chain for wood pellets open as many of us use pellets as a cost-effective primary heating source.

    Tip:  I will have a lot of inventory I will need to move.  It won’t be a bad time to get a new stove, insert or fireplace in gas, wood or pellet.

    Thank you to the Conifer, Evergreen and Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce’s for standing up the Chambers and being a true leader for BOTH our Community and Businesses.

    Mark Major - Inglenook Energy, LLC      



    Greetings Evergreen Orthodontics friends and family!

    We want to update you on what we are doing to keep our mountain community engaged, healthy, and smiling.  Evergreen Orthodontic Specialists (EOS) is donating its extra gloves and masks (PPE) to Mount Evans Hospice in Evergreen and Children’s Hospital in Denver as they are in desperate need of resources.

    We are also urging the community to donate any goods or monetary sums they may have available to the Mountain Resource Center and/or the Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO).  You can donate through our website, www.evergreensmiledocs.com, by clicking on the “Community” tab.  You can also paste this into your web browser:  www.evergreensmiledocs.com/community

    Lastly, in an effort to support our local small businesses that are able to provide services, we are giving away ten $50 gift cards over the next couple of weeks, starting 3/27/20.  You can enter for the giveaway by visiting the evergreen_orthodontics Facebook and/or Instagram pages.  For more information, check out the link in our social media bio. 

    Enter a comment to any of the posts and you will be entered for the $50 gift card give-away.  Please also like, share, and follow us to get the word out!  If you are uncomfortable with any of those options, all you need to do is comment on the post letting us know you would like an entry.

    Take out is still available during the “shelter in place” order!  Support local!  Stay healthy, keep smiling!


    Dr. DuRussel, Dr. Regan, and the entire EOS Family

  • The UPS Store-Conifer is deemed an "essential business" by the government. Therefore- as long as we stay healthy- we will be here to support our community with our regular hours. M-F: 7 am - 6:30 pm. Saturday 9-5. Sunday 10-3. Subject to change. 
    We have instituted aggressive cleaning schedules, social distancing, and gloves to keep you and our staff safe. Please forgive us if we're not giving you the hugs and handshakes that we used to :)

    For all of you new "work from home" people we have scanning, printing, faxing, notary, copying, packing, shipping, mail and package services. 
    Our highly trained, professional staff is here to help you.


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